Monday, October 29, 2012




What great fun has been had by preparing for Halloween of 2012.  With creativity flowing the shabby chic Halloween of 2012 has arrived! It would be most lovely if you would come with me on a short tour of our home. A great southern 'thank ya' to those on Pinterest that have fueled the creative fire.  
Some of these sweeet darlings in my foyer came all the way from Carlsbad, NM.
This display is in my dinning room. Love how my collection of apothecary jars fits in so well with my  shabby chic Halloween.
Thanks to the generous free printables I was able to create these for the living room. These were so fun to make!
The mantel in our living room. As you can see, I am a detail person.  It can be most fun or drive you crazy!!!!(Please do not poll my family on this.)
Isn't she just lovely. I feel in love with her the minute she came into my world.  Thank you TJMaxx for the $12 new friend.
What a real 'treat' it has been to have you stop by for a bit. Now to began to prepare for Wednesday.  The word is that there will be a black angel among us.  Check back to seeeeee--
Love to all,

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