Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a sweet time!
As time has passed my Christmas decorating has changed.  We've come a long way from our first Christmas tree and the hand made cross stitched ornaments from my mother-in-law. Who we are and the trail of our children's lives has brought us to this point. Now as the children are all adults I've begun to let my new found love of ALL things shabby chic make known it's place.
Many months ago there was a need for things in my garage to be put in better order. Amongst them I found these Christmas trees that were wrapped in burlap laying in a box. Looking oh so sad --and reminding me much of a blank canvas or should we say a challenge I gave myself. Transform these sweet babies into ladies for our home Christmas decorating.
Challenge accepted!!!!
While out and about looking for treasures I came across this booth that had a wonderful selection of old coffee pots. You know that moment when you say --there you are--I was just looking for you. It was difficult but I picked out 2 and brought them home with me. And then we wait.........I knew the creative bug would hit me one day and today was it. Perfect! It was cold and raining. Lovely day to spend in my studio.
The garland for my trees must be unique and unto itself special. After trying and untying this is what came together. I've combined ribbon, tulle,twine, strips of lace,square of pattern tissue, and an old button.
Now the sweet little coffee pot and burlap wrapped tree....
The sweet little tree fit perfectly down into the coffee pot. A sponge brush helped dust the tree with bits of  snow.  But when I stood back there was just something I didn't like. To Much Tree!!! Out came the wire cutters.
What fun it was to pull it all together.
You can't tell it in this picture but a battery operated votive has been put in the glass piece that comes on top of the coffee pot. It adds just the right sparkle.
Little ornaments made just for the coffee pot trees.
Oh what fun it will be to add these little darlings into my decor for Christmas and you know ..........I'll share with you.
love to all,
Look what else has been going on in the studio.....more to come soon.
'These are a few of my favorite things.........'

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