Sunday, November 25, 2012

They went a shopping!!
After a beautiful day at the Lord's house, a yummy lunch at Olive Garden we made a surprise visit by Home Goods.  There are always goodies to be found and today was no exception.  The two goodies we found of course are beautiful as they are but I plan to put a little Trish magic on both.  My plans are to show you these now and then later after the magic show you will be to see the new and improved treasure.
Darling isn't she.... but needs just a little tiny bit help.
Just a few more details and it will be such a southern charmer.
And this sweet box. We were on our way heading up toward the check out when my husband said don't forget your box. Honey, I was not gonna wait for him to say that again. Grabbed the box and off we went.(Thank you honey!)
The outing ended well with yet another treat......5spot yougurt!! Yummy in my tummy!!!
Oh how I look forward to visiting with you again soon.  Be well my darling!

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